The Great Diaspora

The cameras can’t capture the hidden, deeply
personal and inward sense of dislocation and haunting feeling of abandonment
that results from the loss of community, break up of families and destruction of
those institutions that lend us stability under normal

Baton Rouge, Louisiana–
The cameras and the re-telling of the stories of evacuation begin to capture a glimpse of the depth of dislocation that is taking place along the Gulf Coast in the aftermath of Katrina. But images and words alone can’t fully convey how utterly devastating this dislocation is to the individuals who have experienced the loss of their loved ones, neighborhoods and towns, homes and possessions, churches, schools, places of employment and businesses.

It’s unseen. Hidden behind faces that seem calm and less troubled. However, talk for a few minutes, ask a question that cuts below the surface that says, “We’re OK. We’re grateful for all the help,” and you get tears and fears.

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