On the Hurricane Response

Now we know why we need government,
leadership and a national conversation that’s about inclusion and not

Now we know.

Now we know why we need government. Because it’s us. It ‘s us taking care of each other, especially those who are poorest, sickest, smallest and most vulnerable in our human community. It’s about all of us working for the common good.

Now we know why we need leadership and not politics as usual. Politics is the art of getting things done, for the good of the whole. As it’s been practiced lately it’s been about getting your piece of the pie and the rest can take the hindmost.

Now we know why we need a civil, compassionate national conversation about justice and equity for all. It’s been a conversation of harsh rhetoric, blaming and finger-pointing, Bible-blessed prejudice. We need social policies that reflect the compassion of the people of this nation, include those who need a helping hand and provide needed services like public education, health care and job training, among others.

Now we know why people of goodwill and people of progressive religious faith must come together to change the unacceptable. Because we must recover traditional values of community, compassion and justice. We must recover respect for those who serve the public good and provide them the resources necessary to carry out their responsibilities competently. It’s unacceptable to denigrate and mock responsible government. It’s not just unacceptable to have incompetent cronies running the agencies of government, it’s dangerous.

Now we know.

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