Communicating after Katrina

Churches across the United States have
geared up to offer aid and comfort to those affected by Katrina, as they have
done with other hurricanes this season.

In the aftermath of Katrina communication with those in the affected area remains difficult. United Methodist Communications is relying upon an extensive network of communicators in conferences offices to feed information to us which we are processing and providing to audiences through the website

In addition, we have dispatched staff to the affected area and have begun to receive photos and stories that we are posting on the web.

We have posted an online giving option for those who want to contribute to the work of The United Methodist Committee on Relief, which is already in the affected area assessing damage and providing support to local churches assisting affected individuals and families.

UMCom has also negotiated ten and fifteen-second spot announcements on major cable network news channels, notably CNN and CNN Headline News, for directing contributions to, the secure online site for UMCOR support.
We’ve purchased Google search words that will assist those who are searching on the web for a place to give, to identify and make a decision if they wish to contribute through the church to meet human needs.
In addition, we anticipate placement of a full-page ad in a major national daily newspaper within the next week to provide a public message of support to those in the affected area and offer yet another opportunity to give to humanitarian relief and long-term recovery.

This is only a brief synopsis. We’ve got many, many other things. going and will continue to update them with new information as it’s available.

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