Political Talk Radio Fading?

An article by Chuck Raasch of Gannett News
Service today questions if political talk on radio is fading.

Thanks to Gregg Hartung of Presbyterian Media Mission for passing along notice of an article by Chuck Raasch and syndicated by Gannett News Service. It says talk radio, especially political talk, may be fading.

Rush Limbaugh’s audience is down 25% from last year, according to the Raasch article. With more options, fatigue with polarized political positions and a desire for information to make life better, the audience is apparently tuning out.

Talk radio may be returning to populism over partisanship, according to an editor of Talker magazine. There are, no doubt, many reasons for the apparent decline. But the intriguing point is that some in the audience are tiring of partisan politics and are jumping to other media.

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