Some Days are Stones

Well, in the balance of things, it has to

One of those days happened. Not catastrophic, but just one of those days that wasn’t a diamond, it was a stone. A series of unrelated events with technology failing leads me to think of Tuesday as a stone.

I won’t regale you will all the difficulties, but to write that I couldn’t access e-mail, had a hard drive fail on my primary computer, couldn’t get a replacement computer to connect to the main server, used a fourth demo computer and it was on the fritz.

No amount of backup seemed adequate. It was just one of those days.

It pointed out to me something I’m already very aware of–that our dependence on technology leaves us very vulnerable. A minor event can set of a chain of events that leave us disconnected. In this case, several unrelated events happened all at once.

Through the good work of many people, however, I’m almost back to normal and moving about the digital world as I’ve become accustomed. We are dependent upon one another in this world and we need the skills of a community to function. On another day, there will be time to reflect on the importance of this.

But that’s not today. Today my advice is more mundane. If you haven’t backed up your hard drive, please do. Fortunately, I had done so and haven’t lost but a very few documents that escaped my last backup. That’s a great relief.

I’ll get back to blogging about things of greater importance and interest in the next few days. Today’s gonna be a diamond!

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