Some Days are Diamonds

John Denver wrote, “Some days are diamonds,
some days are stones.” Today was a diamond.

Some days are diamonds
some days are stones
Sometimes the hard times
won’t leave me alone
Sometimes a cold wind
blows a chill in my bones
Some days are diamonds
some days are stones.
–John Denver

I know what John Denver meant, we all do. But today was a diamond. I started the day hearing truly exciting information that will lead to even more exciting plans to help construct low power FM community-based radio stations across Africa. The capabilities already exist. African religious leaders want them. Audiences are ready. All that’s lacking is the funding, and I think we’ll find the way to secure that.

The most effective means to distribute information today in Africa is radio. It’s the means to deliver information about HIV/AIDS, malaria prevention, citizenship, economic empowerment, religious faith and other important information about quality of life. UMCom is in position to broker the construction of the first station relatively soon and we will be in position to aid others before long. Helping people to tell their own stories. It’s truly exciting.

From there I went to a discussion in which staff talked about how to create more global content in our information offerings. That means coverage from parts of the world beyond the borders of the United States. Global content. They were talking about specific plans for gathering this information and how to allocate space for it.

Then to a discussion about increasing inclusiveness in our staff. They developed concrete steps to identify communicators outside the U.S. and ways to get their stories filed. They were discussing how to create a global communications network.

From that I went to another conversation in which staff talked about new media and how to identify new audiences that are developing as a result of the changing media environment. It’s a fascinating challenge to determine how to use these new media to create community and provide useful information to them.

I passed by, but didn’t interrupt, a training session for another group that was learning about a new software program that will allow us to provide better customer service.

It was a day spent dealing with a different world, new challenges and remarkably creative people finding new new ways to tell stories of faith and extend an invitation to a faith community to people in this new world. Some days are diamonds.

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