Christians, Jews to visit Palestine-Israel

The National Council of Churches and the
American Jewish Committee have put together a visit by members of both groups to
Israel-Palestine in September in an effort to gain better understanding of the
differences between mainline Christians and Jews over policies in the Middle

Mainline Christians and Jews will travel to the Middle East on September 18-24 where each group will view the region through the perspective of the other. This is an attempt to understand the differences that have developed between the two groups over Israel-Palestine.

This is a great example of a responsible attempt to create a new dialogue, and I hope it results in a new narrative, as I suggested in the post preceding this one.

Mainline Protestants such as the Presbyterian Church USA have begun divestment in Israeli companies as a means to call attention to their dissent from Israeli policies towards Palestinians. Others will consider this in coming months. It’s a move that supporters feel is necessary because their concerns have not been heard and the protagonists remain at loggerheads.

To engage in a conversation of this kind is a serious and constructive move. The American Jewish Committee and the National Council of Churches deserve to be commended for this attempt to create new dialogue.

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