New Journalism-Old Journalism

Jay Rosen asks what correctives might be in
order for journailsm to return to a better, more sound and principled

Jay Rosen offers a thorough overview of the discussion about what good journalism is, what’s been lost and what steps might be taken to return to a principled and responsible practice.

Viewed in the backdrop of the Newsweek article and the commentary of Rush Limbaugh criticizing Bill Moyers, it offers insight into just how are afield some public storytelling has drifted and how long the return trip toward responsibility will be.

Is it so much noise without significance? Should we be concentrating on other, more critical human issues and solving problems that pull us together, as David Brooks suggests? At what point do we get so tired of the name-calling and vitriol that we tune out permanently? What happens after that? Do we give license to the vitriolics to shape public policy because the rest of us have closed our ears, eyes and minds? That’s the great threat.

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