Stem Cell Research

Scientists in the U.S. say stem cell
research is falling behind in the U.S. because they face too many

We’ve had hurdle after
hurdle thrown at us
in this country, both
politically and financially.
Unfortunately, you’re
going to see more and
more of the major
stem-cell breakthroughs
occurring overseas.

–Robert Lanza,
vice president of
medical and scientific
Advanced Cell Technology

Stem cell research is lagging behind and will increasingly be advanced outside the United States according to an article in Wired magazine this week. The Wired article reports on the techniques perfected by the South Korean researchers who cloned embryos by harvesting stem cells and fertilizing human eggs to create embryonic stem cells.

The Wired article says scientists in the U.S. thought the cloning procedure perfected by the South Koreans was ten years away.
Tonight the BBC is covering the story with a British angle. The story concentrates on liver disease, but also discusses the range of conditions that could be treated with cloned stem cells. Cells cloned from the affected individual are not rejected, thus persons undergoing stem cell therapy in this manner don’t require anti-rejection medication, a life-long requirement using cells from other sources.

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