Winning the Media Wars

Russ Baker writes of concrete and available
ways to influence media, even when we think that’s not

Unhappiness with “the media” is widespread, but the big media seem beyond reach so we tell ourselves we can’t do anything to change them. Russ Baker argues that this isn’t true and he offers a list of things that can be done. His optimism is encouraging. If we give up because we think our voice doesn’t count we give in to a self-fulfilling prophesy.

The Christophers phrase, “better to light one candle than to curse the darkness,” applies to media today. Better to raise your voice and comment on licensing, quality of programming, and access than to curse the lack of each.

Better to publish a blog, start a community newspaper or low-power FM radio station, or write to the FCC about programming concerns than to remain silent and passive. We’ve got many more tools and options than we realize. The one-to-many style of the old media sustains the myth that individuals can’t do anything and don’t matter anyway. But Baker says the myth must be challenged. I agree. He’s got some good suggestions about how to start.

It’s good to read Baker’s prescription, even better to act on some of the steps he prescribes.

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