ABC Covers Resurrection!

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ABC’s 20/20 is about the
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(revised May 19)

I’ve often wondered how the resurrection would have been covered if it had occurred at a time in history with modern media. Given the tendency to simplify and sensationalize among some media, it would be an interesting experience.

ABC News is taking a look at the resurrection of Jesus in a 20/20 story according to Ethics Daily. This is not ABC’s first foray into religion. At one time they were the only network I’m aware of that had a fulltime correspondent dedicated to the religion beat. She’s gone now. But the network has continued to cover religious stories in other ways.

In the recent past religious stories hardly ever received serious treatment, so this openness by ABC is a step forward. One concern I have is that the stories about religion in the mainline media often treat complex subjects too simply or look too superficially at subjects with deeper meaning.

There is a fundamental challenge in the visual media about how to cover these stories. It’s practical and natural to cover them visually, but the depth of the stories may not be visual they may be cerebral. Cerebral doesn’t work so well on TV. It takes a tremendous amount of thought and creativity to get beyond this natural context.

The ABC story will air on Friday evening.

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