Tiger is GRRReat!

If you’re a Mac fan, Tiger, the new
operating system, is great.

I don’t know how many Mac users read this blog. But I think a few of you have not moved to the dark side. I loaded Tiger on two of our three Macs and there’s no turning back.

A few relatively minor utilities haven’t been updated yet, so they won’t work. One was a screen grab that I like but it’s not irreplaceable. The built-in screen grab works well enough for me. It’s a little less convenient, but that’s not a big deal.

An overlooked new utility that has caused me to mutter “thank you’s” under my breath is an automated network diagnostics tool. I travel a lot. I often have to futz around with wireless settings to get on the Internet and it’s a minor frustration when I’ve set something in the background that prevents the powerbook from connecting. I always forget those settings.

This happened again last night. But, after Tiger. A pleasant screen advised me I’m not on the Internet and asked me if I needed help. Of course.

So, I follow the next step and the next and before you know it, I’m on the Internet. I look at the settings and realize I could have done that. Of course, it would have taken ten minutes or more, I would have re-set something I didn’t need to change, used un-theological language and maybe gotten on-line before the new day arrived.

So, I’m pleased. Even more, I rested because I went to bed earlier and was in a better mood for sleep. I like Tiger.

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