Pat Roberston on Culture

I suspect that Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell have limited following today. They are interesting to the media for their peculiarities, more than than their influence. They make for readable copy and engaging television because they’re so peculiar. The website reports the latest example. Rev. Robertson says the U.S. Supreme Court is a greater threat to the U.S. than terrorists. It’s hard to imagine that any but a handful take him seriously anymore.

But this points to a need for articulate people from the middle to speak to these issues in order to influence the conversation toward identifying real issues that should be addressed–poverty, peace, health care, care for the environment–and propose constructive solutions to the problems the world faces.

At the same time, we must work for judges that respect the Constitution and uphold the principles upon which the nation was founded, and in that debate the voice of moderation must be heard as well.

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