Runaway Bride and Media Trivialization

If anyone needed an excuse to criticize cable news, Jennifer Wilbanks has given it to them. This is the young woman who got cold feet about getting married and hopped a bus from Duluth, Georgia to Albuquerque.

I was rushing to get to the airport the other day and saw a news bulletin on MSNBC. I stopped and discovered it was really just continuing coverage of this young woman’s story. There are times when I just can’t take newscasts seriously and this is one.

This young woman’s behavior isn’t national news. It doesn’t deserve a breakaway news insert. It’s a measure of how far news has fallen. And it’s why viewers don’t care that much about what these folks say anymore. Part of the trust we give to journalists we give because we expect them to tell important stories that have some relationship to our lives. But that kind of journalism is increasingly difficult to find on the cable news channels. I went to the airport muttering to myself about trivializing cable newscasts.

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