College Life and Prayer

Nearly two-thirds of first-year college students pray at least weekly, according to a survey reported in this morning’s Christian Science Monitor .

The study indicates that a large number of first year college students feel secure in their views about religious or spiritual matters and it’s important for them that their college encourage further exploration in this part of their lives. While they are searching for greater understanding, they look to a variety of methods to explore the spiritual–meditation, sacred music, ecumenical discussion groups, and prayer.

In a society that claims to offer us products to meet every need, this survey seems to say there is still a yearning for more meaningful understanding about why we are here and what we are to do with our lives. It’s encouraging that these young people are both practicing and searching out ways to comprehend these important questions.

A story reported in this way stands in stark contrast to those reports of college drinking binges and rankings of party schools. It reveals another side of the concerns of college students that is less sensational, but perhaps more revealing about what really concerns them.

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