The Sounds of Silence? (or not)

I watched as many of the Sunday morning news programs as possible.

Apart from the obvious importance of the discussion about the ethics and politics of the Schiavo tragedy, I come away with a less obvious but intriguing impression.

It is this: voices from the Mainline Protestant communions are not present in the national dialogue in the public media. I’d like to hear this discussed, and I’ll pose it as a question.

Am I correct in assessing that the voice of Mainline Protestantism is absent from the national dialogue about Ms. Schiavo?

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voice of
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What I mean by “voice” is an explanation by medical ethicists, theologians, bishops or clergy who know the ethical teachings of their respective denominations. Arguably, Jim Wallis of Sojourners, who was on NBC’s Meet the Press, could be counted among such voices, I suppose. However, he represents a movement, not the voice of a denominational tradition. It’s the absence of these communities of faith that I’m curious about.

Am I off-base about this? Are they present, but I’ve missed them? If so, I’d like to know. If not, does anyone else share this impression with me?

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