David Brooks on the Masters of Sleaze

David Brooks writes scathing critique this morning of Jack Abramoff and Ralph Reed, among other leading stellar neoconservatives.

hoisting the flag for family values and other virtues Brooks says they get rich
by ripping off Indian tribes, lobbying for dictators who engage in cannibalism,
and profiting from their access to the seats of

The sleazo-cons, as Brooks
calls them, also include Michael Scanlon, Tom DeLay’s former spokesman, Ed
Buckham, DeLay’s former chief of staff, and Grover Norquist, who is called the
“architect of the Bush tax policies” in the April issue of Sojourners.

Norquist tells Sojourners, “We are
trying to change the tones in state capitols–and turn them toward bitter
nastiness and

Connected to Focus on
the Family and the USA Family Network, these operators seem to know no bounds in
their quest for profits under the banner of traditional values. Brooks minces
no words in his critique.

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