Sudan: 10,000 a month

The United Nations reports it has underestimated the death toll in Darfur.

to this
report in the Guardian
, the actual toll is 10,000 people a month dead
from starvation, compromised health and exposure. This number excludes those
killed in the fighting.

The World
Food Program announced today
that it does not have enough food the
meet the needs of the

We’ve long known this
humanitarian disaster was among the world’s worst. It seemed hopeful that a
truce would result in better conditions for those in southern Sudan bearing the
brunt of the government’s attacks, but this has not been the case. A CARE
worker reports visiting one camp in the last three weeks where 200 per day
struggled in looking for food and

Plenty of responsible
voices have called this genocide. I wonder when, or if, we will become outraged
and demand an end to this utterly appalling disaster. An international mission
to halt the attacks under the auspices of the UN is long

and Church World
are among many agencies providing humanitarian

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