Blogging the Information Reformation

Hugh Hewitt writes in his newest book Blog: Understanding the Information Reformation That’s Changing Your World that the ground is shifting so quickly it’s impossible to overstate the impact of new digital media, especially blogs. An information reformation is happening right now now and its influence is as decisive as the Reformation that split Christianity in the sixteenth century when Gutenberg revolutionized printing.

Hewitt identifies himself as center-right and his writing throws off sparks like an ideological grinding wheel. I don’t share his political perspective, but his understanding of the information reformation and how it’s changing the public dialogue makes this book a compelling read.

Here are a handful of key points:

Change as a result of new media isn’t coming. It’s here.

New technologies in communication radically affect hierarchies of power.

Blogs are all about content, trust and immediacy.

The gatekeeping function of hierarchies is gone.

These changes and more are creating a new reality. Hewitt understands this and he tells us how to jump in.

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