Pledges Made to Rebuild Churches

San Diego — After the report of the delegation to Indonesia was presented to the Connectional Table, a new coordinating body created by the General Conference of The United Methodist Church holding its first meeting here, two pledges were made to re-build churches in the Aceh region.

Banda Aceh Methodist Church will be re-built with financial assistance from the
Indiana Conference of The United Methodist Church. Bishop Michael Coyner, area
episcopal leader, pledged $50,000 to the

It is reported that 80% of
the city of Meulaboh was destroyed by the earthquake and tsunami. The Meulaboh
Methodist Church sustained heavy damage. The area has been virtually
inaccessible to all but helicopters and

It has also been the most
under-reported of damaged areas due to inaccessibility. But the human needs and
dislocation are extreme. Meulaboh is closest to the epicenter of the

The Rev. Carl Schenck, senior
pastor of First United Methodist Church, Manchester, Missouri pledged $50,000 to
underwrite re-building of the Meulaboh Methodist

During morning prayers one
participant voiced thanksgiving for another gift to tsunami relief. This gift
came from the DuPage County, Illinois women’s prison. The women contributed
$24.00 from their prison wages to UMCOR.

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