Images of Loss

U.S. Army helicopters que for loading and liftoff at the Banda Aceh airport. These flights have saved lives in remote areas inaccessible by road.

At the north end of Sumatra, closest to the earthquake epicenter, substantial homes were levelled along with less well-constructed buildings.

At it’s strongest entry point, the tsunami levelled buildings for miles inland.

The Rev. Paul Dirdak, Bishop Joel Martinez and the Rev. Randy Day pay last respects to victims recovered three weeks after the disaster.

The Methodist Church of Banda Aceh is being reconstructed as a sign of hope for the neighborhood.

Camps for displaced persons offer tent shelter, food and health care.

Camps are a temporary solution to immediate needs but more permanent settlement will be required for the 400,000 Indonesians who have been made homeless. Across the region, displaced persons are taxing the capabilities of governments and non-governmental organizations.

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